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About Dango



I have been engaged in video production for agencies and production companies, starting with music production for corporate promotion videos, and have been engaged in a wide range of work from planning to production.

In addition, I am also engaged in website direction and operation management for agencies and production companies, utilizing the know-how of website production and management from my previous work.

Name:Dango (Freelance)

Representative:伏屋 雄司 (Takeshi Fuseya)

Location : Tokyo, Japan

Contact :



Sony A7sⅢ

Sony A7Ⅲ


Sony 24-70mm GM

Sony 16-35mm GM

Sony 28-70mm

Tamron 28-200mm


TOYOTA Motor Corporation, KINTO Corporation, SUBARU Corporation, The Nippon Foundation, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, NTT Communications CorporationNTT QONOQ, Inc., Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau., 

Japanese Physical Therapy Association, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute, Ferrotec Holdings Corporation. Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd., etc....

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